Sherfy Peaches Organic Tea

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Sherfy Peaches organic peach tea is inspired by Joseph Sherfy. Pouch comes with four quart-sized tea bags.

  • Net wt. 1.69oz
  • 4 quart-sized tea bags

Our Sherfy Peaches Collection is inspired by The Sherfy Farm.  In 1842, Joseph Sherfy purchased the Sherfy farm in Gettysburg, PA.  He planted a large orchard and began to sell peaches commercially. The Sherfy Peach Orchard became so well known that it was used as a landmark on a county map.

The Sherfy Farm also became famous as a battlefield in the Civil War.  The barn was burned down, buildings filled with bullet holes, and soldiers buried across the property.

After the battle, the farm became popular with visitors who came to view the farm’s battle scars, hear the Sherfy family’s stories, and to sample the famous peaches. 

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