The Irish at Gettysburg

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At the outbreak of the Civil War, Irish citizens on both sides of the Mason-Dixon answered the call to arms. That was no more evident than at the Battle of Gettysburg. Louisiana Irish Rebels charged with the cry "We are the Louisiana Tigers!" Irish soldiers of the Alabama Brigade and the Texas Brigade launched assaults on the line's southern end at Little Round Top. During Pickett's Charge, Gaelic brothers fought each other as determined Irishmen of the Sixty-Ninth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry repelled Irish of the Virginia Brigade in one of the most decisive moments in American history. Author Phillip Thomas Tucker reveals the compelling story.

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  • 240 pages.
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Phillip Thomas Tucker, PhD, is an author and historian of numerous acclaimed publications, including George Washington's Surprise Attack, Pickett's Charge, Death at the Little Bighorn, Miller Cornfield at Antietam and more. After earning his PhD in 1990, he took a position as civilian historian with the Department of Defense. The author resides in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

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